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Case Reviews in Private Investigations

Just as an attorney is an expert in the field of law, a private investigator (PI) is an expert in interviewing subjects, discreetly finding facts and evidence within legal limits. As licensed private investigators, we locate information using every available resource.

We have the knowledge, tools, and ability to help you resolve your legal case. This article will help you identify the reasons your legal team will benefit from hiring a private investigator.


Why is it beneficial for a legal team to partner with a private investigator? No matter what type of case is on the table, you can strengthen your position by hiring someone to do your heavy lifting. This person is a professional who is specifically trained in finding, interviewing, and taking witness statements.

A PI also has experience in finding key expert witnesses, delivery of courtroom testimony, and can give testimony themselves, as a witness. This expertise is a time and cost-effective way of winning your case!


Civil cases are private matters; the injured party files the lawsuit. Criminal cases are filed by the state prosecutor or the government. In civil cases, the investigator may search for:

•    Trusts

•    Money

•    People

•    Bank accounts

•    Undisclosed corporations

•    Hidden assets (vehicles/jewelry)

•    Unreported income or real estate

An investigator has the knowledge, talent, and skill to find the subject using background checks or the subject’s digital footprint with computer forensics.

The investigator may find information regarding these cases by checking public records, using specialized databases to search for information, or use skilled surveillance techniques and state-of-the-art cameras and video equipment for capturing the subject’s activities. During the investigation, clues may be found in:

•    Texts

•    Emails

•    Activities

•    Online chats

•    Police reports

•    Medical records

•    Computer browsing history


When an unsolved criminal investigation is no longer being actively investigated due to lack of evidence, it becomes a “cold” case. The investigator may re-examine prior police reports, and re-interview everyone involved in the case.

The investigator can bring a fresh perspective. He may find a tip or lead that wasn’t followed during the prior investigation. Perhaps he will notice a new piece of evidence, notice an inconsistency that becomes a new lead or find evidence that was overlooked in the past.

He may interview someone who was hesitant to talk with law enforcement during the first investigation, but time has smoothed over the individual’s reservations and they open up to the investigator. It may be that the case became cold prior to up-to-date technology such as DNA testing, databases, and algorithms.

An investigator can also interact with the law enforcement community in a knowledgeable and mutually respectful manner. Hiring a private investigator is a second chance to finally bring closure to the victim’s family after months, years or decades.


At Triple “R” Investigations, our professional investigators will quickly produce results using efficient, effective, and reliable methods to support you and help solve the case. Contact us so that we can provide you with professional and experienced case support.

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