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Triple "R" Investigations has expanded its range of expert services under the leadership of its founder, Roger Ryan Rider, since its establishment as a limited liability company in May 2016. Ryan, a retired Corporal for a mid-sized DFW municipality, brings a wealth of experience to the firm, having served in various capacities such as Detective, Patrol Corporal, Community Resource Officer, Traffic Officer, and Patrol Officer for over 21 years. Holding license A04168201 as a private investigator with Texas Private Security, Ryan initially capitalized on his expertise in 3D scanners, crash, and crime reconstruction.

In recent developments, Triple "R" Investigations has broadened its repertoire to include a full line of private investigation tools, enhancing its investigative capabilities. Additionally, the company has invested in advanced training for its team, offering FARO Zone 3D classes, Analyzer Pro classes, and certification as ALIVE Active Shooter Survival course instructors. These new skills augment the company's service offerings and position Triple "R" Investigations at the forefront of technological and methodological advancements in the field.

Moreover, Roger Ryan Rider is pursuing a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice, demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning and expertise in the industry. This academic pursuit is expected to further enrich the company's knowledge base and strategic approach to investigations.

Ryan continues to leverage Triple "R" Investigation’s resources for potential partnerships and marketing, ensuring that the firm remains a leading choice for clients needing comprehensive investigative services. Including these new skills and academic endeavors highlights Triple "R" Investigations' dedication to excellence and innovation in meeting the evolving needs of its target market.

In person scanner classes
Vision Serve the crash investigation industry with integrity and professionalilsm one proj

Vision, Mission, Core

Vision Statement

Serve the public safety industry with integrity and professionalism one project at a time.


Mission Statement

Lead the public safety industry by combining advanced technological tools, expert training, and a commitment to public awareness, prevention, and unparalleled support.


Core Values



We assist in the crash investigation process by providing skillful observations and reports to those in the law enforcement, litigation, insurance industries, and other crash reconstruction experts through case evaluation, scene documentation, crash reconstruction, private investigation, and expert testimony.



We utilize our resources and tools to accurately document all physical evidence to address any factor of an event and to determine levels of causality. We take novel approaches to each investigation to ensure the variables affecting a vehicular crash are fully evaluated. We have also conducted research on the impact of 3D technology on Texas Law Enforcement.



We are active in teaching the next generation of crash investigators through higher education training and certification programs. We are also actively keeping the public informed of current events, techniques, and best practices of traffic safety and crash awareness.

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