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Subject Backgrounds In Private Investigations

Background investigations for reasons including child custody cases, infidelity investigations, or human resource documentation are usually initiated by private citizens or organizations for the purposes of proving civil discourse, hiring a new employee, or bringing in new tenants.

This article provides insight into why conducting subject background searches are imperative to knowing exactly who you are dealing with in these types of situations.  


Subject background investigations are routinely conducted in part of a pre-employment check or for a landlord who is considering a new tenant. This type of subject background investigation may be as simple as a criminal history check that consists of arrests and prosecutions for Class B misdemeanors or higher, or a complete subject background check.

A complete background may involve gathering any available public records. Those records might include driving records, education history, employment history, and credit history dating back at least seven years. The complete background check also includes criminal history checks, and interviews may be conducted with co-workers or neighbors to verify personality or character traits.

A background check may also involve surveillance. In this case, you will be asked to provide photographs of an individual’s full body and a close-up of his or her face. The photographs will help the investigator’s evidence for confirmation of discrepancies, reported activity or participation in events.


When working with litigation firms, law enforcement, and insurance agencies, these cases involve legal matters such as auto liability fraud, malpractice, worker’s compensation suits, or crash reconstruction.

An example is non-health related insurance fraud, which costs American insurance companies over $30 billion per year for fraudulent claims. These instances include claiming an address where auto insurance is cheaper, bogus auto-theft claims, false injury claims, or various types of other scams and organized criminal activity.

The American family is in-turn forced to pay over $300 each year for increasing premiums. In this situation, a background investigation of the claimant’s criminal history, financial well-being, and their history of past insurance disputes may indicate grounds to question the claim.


During an investigation initiated by a private citizen, it is important that the investigators are provided with honest, and accurate details concerning the case circumstances.

Any dishonesty regarding the reason the investigation was initiated will jeopardize not only the investigation but the contract with a professional investigator, as well. Repercussions may include forfeiting your retainer and contract termination.


Private investigators are experienced, licensed, and skilled professionals who can reliably perform any background or private investigation that you may need.

During this type of process, it becomes imperative to find an investigator you trust to help you. At Triple “R” Investigations, we deliver dedicated, reliable, and experienced support to our clients in a timely manner by meeting and exceeding your expectations.

At Triple “R” Investigations, we have over twenty-one years of experience in law enforcement and can be counted on to get the job done. We can locate information about individuals using every available resource.

Those resources may include social media, public records, specialized databases, surveillance, and our professional networks. After an investigation is complete, we will give to you a detailed subject background with a thorough report into an individual’s life and help you with any decision you need to make.

It is our job to quickly produce accurate results with targeted subject background searches using a wide variety of resources. We can save you time and energy in finding out the truth of who someone really is. 

When you use Triple “R” Investigations, you save thousands of dollars by building your case with solid and reliable evidence. Contact us so that we can provide you with efficient, professional, and fact-based subject background searches.

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