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Whether you need someone to help with your crash or crime scene, you've come to the right place.


That's because we use the best 3D scanning equipment on the market to gather precision data and capture reliable visual-testimony. 

What is 3D Laser Scanning for Crash Reconstruction?

A 3D laser scanner captures precise data at high speed over its full measurement range and is less susceptible to variations in surface types and atmospheric conditions. To colorize scans, an integrated camera can quickly take full field-of-view High-Definition Resolution (HDR) images.


After scanning and gathering data at a crash scene, users utilize a point-cloud modeling software to register, visualize, explore and manipulate “as-built” data collected from the 3D laser scanner.


3D laser scanning provides a low-cost, effective, and efficient method for gathering, modeling and detailing crash scenes and provides the ease of mind for capturing accurate data!

Numerous settings for 3D scanning
In person presentations

Why Use TRI For Your 3D Scanning Needs?

23-year notches on our career belt make us the qualified, experienced, and leading expert in our field.


At our core, we believe in supporting law enforcement and educating the public about road safety. To further research on 3D scanning used in that field, we support litigation with expert consultation.

What makes us who we are is the vision and the mission driving our business culture. We are a company you can trust to bring truth to your case.

Here's your chance to learn more about what we offer​ and why we're the right fit


Download the flyer for rates and detail on our services.

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Triple R Investigations - 3D Documentation


Download the flyer for an understanding of using 3D scanners for crime scenes.

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