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Fly Through Video is the Top Result of 3D Scanning

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

You only have one shot at capturing every detail of a crash or crime scene. You think you’ve combed the area and taken everything into account… at least everything you know that matters.

You exit the crime scene only to realize there is an angle you didn’t capture.

Well, you only have one chance, as evidence will degrade since the scene may be released for the resumption of normal business. Not only is the traditional way of capturing on-scene evidence archaic, but it can also be very laborious and pain-staking too. 3D scanning – a process that involves the measurement and analysis of an environment via technology – is an invaluable solution.

3D scanning can be used to capture and recreate crash and crime scene evidence in a digital format, helping investigators achieve millimeter accuracy. But that’s not even the best part of it. Through 3D scanning, you can do a fly-through of a scene, which is basically a walkthrough – in a digital form (video) to achieve high-quality visuals.

Crash investigations, for instance, usually involves a large expanse of space. Fly through videos can allow capture a scene from as high as 30-foot up and show every bit of detail. Normally, this would only be possible if you had access to drones; now you can do this with digital 3D scanning. With a fly-through video of a crash or crime scene, you can easily show juries or anyone that needs to view the visuals.

Maybe you want to show what the suspect may have seen on approaching the scene to show that they had clear visibility. Or maybe you just want to show that it was a long stretch of highway and speed was relevant.

Whatever the case, a fly-through video does a splendid job. To add to that, when you get your 3D scanner down the elevated height, you can create a 4-feet off-digital video of the roadway to show what driving down the road would look like.

Law enforcement agencies are increasingly adopting the use of 3D scanning technology to varying degrees. Its ability to capture multiple pictures within a very short time and catalog an entire scene makes it a worthwhile tool for crash and crime scene investigators. The old days of using sketches, paper, and tape measure to recreate a crime or crash scene are long gone.

Unsurpassed Clarity

The growing need for precision and accuracy when it comes to mapping of crash and crime scenes has been well and truly satisfied with 3D scanning. 3D scanners feature impressive scan quality and resolutions, making it possible for details like sidewalk cracks and bullet casings to be captured.

Demonstrate What You Know

In today’s world where CSI continues to inform jurors on how crime investigations should be conducted, the expectations for evidence can be unrealistic at times.

With 3D scanning technology, you can show different dimensions of a crash crime scene. You can create a fly-through video to show a scene from any angle and recreate a scene without the risk of losing any details.

After all, seeing, as they say, is believing!

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