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Domestic Surveillance Services

You’ve got a case you need full documentary evidence for to ensure you’ve adequately prepared to justify auto liability, general liability, fraud, malpractice, or a worker’s compensation suit.

However, you may not possess the requisites to perform a high-quality investigation, or the domestic surveillance you need.

With the right licensed investigative agency, you can be one of thousands of clients saving millions of dollars because you have the information you need to build a case on solid evidence.

A licensed investigator specializes in difficult surveillances. With the latest technology in video equipment and digital still cameras, they meet your needs and produce the results you require. Everything needed to locate a subject is available to these professional investigators, so equipment and the time investment are removed from your purview.

Though, the responsibility of providing an investigator with all the necessary facts for successful surveillance does rely on you.

It is extremely important to give your investigator facts and every important detail from the onset of an investigation. Inaccurate information will hinder your efforts and, as a result, could delay the process overall (or even forfeit it).

Surveillances that do not have an accurate starting point or a positive position on a subject will generally cost you more in the long run. This is the reason most investigators leave the starting place and time up to a client. And there is more than likely a Plan B if there proves to be difficulty locating the subject or determining what the subject looks like at present time.

When working with a private investigator, you will be asked to provide the last known address and photos of the subject. They need a close-up of the subject’s face with a current hairstyle if possible. Full body shots also help along with distinguishing features such as height and weight.

This information along with details about any vehicle involved can be the difference between a highly difficult or less difficult process to transact information. Investigators may have to pick a subject out from a group of people, so if you help the investigator with as much information as possible, the better.

Truthfulness is another responsibility of the client. If it is discovered that a client has been untruthful about the facts leading into an investigation, most investigators split ties and terminate a contract, with the remainder of a retainer forfeited. Be upfront at the forefront of your working relationship with an investigator. It only increases the odds of you getting the information you need.

Domestic surveillance services is also costly, with an average of $750 – $1,500.00 being the middle ground. So, again, the more work you do upfront, the better chance you have for a successful surveillance effort.

For most private investigator firms that are reputable, they work hard to spend your money as if it is there’s. You can trust them to provide you with a good experience in this case.

Locating a private investigator for domestic surveillance services can be easy, but it can also be challenging. At Triple “R” Investigations, we recommend that you attempt to set your case up for success at the onset of a professional relationship with a private investigator.

And you have questions requiring someone to help you navigate this part of your case, we’re here to help.

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