Our Story

Consult, Education, REsearch


Founded by Roger Ryan Rider, Triple “R” Investigations (@TRInvestigations) demonstrates quality service at its best!

Twenty-one-year notches on our career belt make us the qualified, experienced, and leading expert in our field.

At our core, we believe in supporting law enforcement and educating the public about road safety. To further research on 3D scanning used in that field, we support litigation with expert 3D digital evidence. And to provide support for our peers in this field, we partner with other crash reconstructionists. 

What makes us who we are is the vision and the mission driving our company culture. We are a company you can trust to bring truth to your case.


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Our Values


How so?

Well, the proof is in our application.

Consult, Educate, and Research are the values in which our business is founded upon.

For years, we have demonstrated an unwavering loyalty to helping others, teaching others, and guiding others through research, education, and consultation.

You can say it is "in our blood" to want to serve and help people understand the intricacies involved in the aftermath of a vehicular crash and what can be done to prevent one.

We promise to support you and your company's crash, building, or incident scene needs by learning your expectations and exceeding them.